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CEDA R-5 Window Program

CEDA R-5 Window Program


Armaclad™ is now offering high performance R-5 rated full frame windows specifically designed to meet the requirements of various weatherization assistance programs.


Inefficient windows are the largest source of heating and cooling costs in most homes. Government statistics indicate that up to 40% of HVAC costs are caused by inefficient windows.


Armaclad R-5 windows feature triple glazing with state-of-the-art warm edge spacer systems. The triple glazing system not only improves the thermal performance of the window, but also significantly decreases exterior noise. These windows greatly improve the energy efficiency of these homes and can save billions in heating and cooling costs throughout the coming years.


All Armaclad R-5 windows are NFRC® certified and meet ENERGY STAR® 2012 performance levels.

ENERGY STAR Consumer Brochure  NFRC


Double Hung

Armaclad R-5 Encore® Double Hung Windows provide not only unequalled energy efficiency, but also lasting beauty, timeless style and unmatched performance.  Manufactured with computer precision, you are guaranteed a tilt-in window with smooth operation and aesthetic appeal that makes a stylish statement to any home.

R-5 Double Hung  R-5 Double Hung Performance Ratings



The Armaclad R-5 Slider Series is custom-crafted in two or three lite configurations to complement any home.  Our sliders feature solid brass wheel assemblies for smooth, effortless operation, and removable sashes for easy cleaning.

R-5 Slider Window  R-5 Slider Window Performance Ratings



The Armaclad R-5 Casement Series is the modern, stylish way to create a wide open contemporary look that makes a beautiful architectural statement.  We use only top of the line operating hardware to produce a casement that boasts effortless operation.  A multi-point locking system keeps the double weather-stripped casement locked tightly and securely against the elements. 

R-5 Casement Window  R-5 Casement Window Performance Ratings



The Armaclad R-5 Awning Window adds additional viewing area, especially when combined with a fixed casement window, plus a distinct design element.  As with the casement window, the awning window features an elegant folding handle so there is never any problem with window treatments.

R-5 Awning Window  R-5 Awning Window Performance Ratings


Picture & Fixed Casement

The Armaclad Picture Window and Fixed Casement Window are also R-5 rated.  All R-5 rated window systems are available in a variety of mulled configurations.

  R-5 Fixed Casement Window Performance RatingsR-5 Picture WindowR-5 Picture Window Performance Ratings



For additional information on the R-5 Weatherization Window Program from Armaclad, please contact Bob Benes at 773.446.7800 or click here.


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